Best Pickleball Shoes Step Up Your Game With Our Picks

Searching for the best Pickleball shoe is like trying to find the Holy Grail.  When you search for Pickleball shoes on Google or Amazon, you’ll notice that none of the shoes appearing in the search results are actually Pickleball shoes.  Instead you’ll find tennis and volleyball shoes as an alternative.  It’s not to say those shoes don’t work for Pickleball but they are not shoes made specifically for Pickleball.

Still, you can find court shoes which work well for Pickleball whether you play indoors or outside on hard courts.  If you play indoors, I would suggest a volleyball shoe as they are made to maximize performance on wood gym floors.  If you have weak ankles, you can also try a basketball shoe as low and high tops provide more support.  On the other hand, if you play outside stick with a tennis shoe for best performance.

In my analysis of the best Pickleball shoes, we read the reviews on hundreds of court shoes on Amazon.  The ones which ended up on the top of our list actually received good reviews from Pickleball players.  While we read the reviews of people using the shoes for other sports, our focus was really on Pickleball players.

Here’s a summary:

Best Indoor Pickleball Shoe for Women

Best indoor Pickleball shoe for women
The Asics Women’s Gel Rocket 8 Volleyball shoe is at the top of the heap for indoor shoes in 2019 on Amazon.  I’m not surprised by this result as I played volleyball in high school and college and I wore Asics back then.  It’s great to hear they have kept up the quality of their court shoe.  Volleyball players rate the shoe 4.2 stars out of 5 compared to Pickleball players who rate it 4.1 out of 5 stars.  So, it’s clear the performance of the shoes are top notch regardless of which sport you play.  One reviewer who played Pickleball did mention the shoes wear out more quickly outdoors so it looks like the Asics Gel Rocket 8 should only be used indoors.

Overall the fit of the Asics Gel Rocket 8 is excellent with 82% of reviewers saying they fit as expected.  This is an exceptionally high percentage for shoes, especially for an athletic shoe.  Two reviewers who were Pickleball players said they used their orthotics in the shoes and that worked well.  Others said the arch support was excellent.


  • Exellent arch support
  • Good grip on gym floors
  • Fits true to size
  • Good Price


  • Limited selection of styles as only very small or large shoes came in a color other than pink and grey

Best Outdoor Pickleball Shoe for Women

Best Outdoor Pickleball Shoe for Women
It was actually hard to find a highly rated shoe for women playing outdoor Pickleball in 2019.  The best I found is the K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe.

The shoe had 99 customer reviews on Amazon including 8 from Pickleball players.  The reviews were positive from Pickleball players with reviewers giving 4.1 out of 5 stars.  Tennis players rated the shoes even higher at 4.4 out of 5 stars.  82% of customers said the K-Swiss Hypercourt Express Tennis shoe fit true to size, equaling the Asics Gel Rocket 8 Volleyball shoe.


  • Good selection of color and sizes
  • Excellent fit for wide feet
  • Good arch support
  • Comfortable right out of the box so no need to break them in
  • Lightweight


  • The shoe is pricey with many sizes/colors over $100
  • The sole of the shoe wears out quickly

Best Indoor Pickleball Shoe for Men

Best Indoor Pickleball Shoe for Men
The ASICS Mens Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe has a whopping 382 reviews on Amazon and it ranks as the best indoor Pickleball shoe for men in 2019.  The shoe overall  has 4.5 out of 5 stars so it is the best ranked shoe of all Pickleball shoes reviewed in this article.  Many people have purchased these shoes specifically for indoor Pickleball and a number of customers like the shoes so well they have purchased them multiple times.  The shoe fits as expected 85% of the time and this is the highest percentage of shoes being reviewed for Pickleball in 2019.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent grip on a gym floor
  • Good traction
  • Good value for the price
  • Wide selection of colors and prices


  • Little arch support

Best Outdoor Pickleball Shoe for Men

Best Outdoor Pickleball Shoe for Men
The ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoe ranks at the top of the list for the best outdoor Pickleball shoe for men.  The shoe overall  has 222 customer reviews so I think you can trust the feedback from purchasers.  It has 4 out of 5 stars with the Pickleball rating at 3.9 out of 5 stars and the tennis rating at 4 of 5 stars.  The shoe fits as expected 72% of the time.


  • Good value for the price
  • Wide toe box so your toes are not pinched together
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Wide selection of colors and sizes


  • Runs small for some people

Here’s a quick summary:

Original Article Circa 2017

I decided to keep the original post as sometimes you can find a good deal on these older models of shoe which are good for Pickleball.

Best Pickleball Shoes: Step Up Your Game With Our Picks

I recently set out on a quest to find the best pickleball shoes. A comfortable, sturdy pair of pickleball shoes can make a huge difference in your game. In some cases even more than a paddle.

The proper pair of shoes help you move around easier and get you to the ball faster. They help your grip the court better to prevent slipping, falling or twisting your ankle.

*Note*  Finding the best pickleball shoes for you can be very subjective. However, I’ve found a lot of people wearing and recommending the same shoes time and time again.

I’ve tried many different types of pickleball shoes, from pure tennis shoes to volleyball shoes and even some cross-trainers. I’ve narrowed it down into a few solid picks that will work for 99% of all pickleball players out there.

Without any further ado…here are my personal picks for the best pickleball shoes.

Best Men’s Pickleball Shoe

Best Men’s Pickleball ShoeThe last pair I tried turned out to be the best pickleball shoes in the end. The Asics Gel Resolution 7  shoes were my favorite. They were, by far, the most comfortable of any of the shoes on this page.

A friend told me that once you try the gel soles of the Asics you’ll never go back and I think he was right. The gel soles are simply amazing. They really mold to your feet while still providing added cushion and comfort. It’s a difficult feeling to explain you really just have to try them but you can feel the gel actually gripping your foot. This provided an added stability when moving side to side and also kept my feet feeling like heaven, even after hours of play.

Let’s talk about weight. To me, a lightweight shoe is the most important thing to look for when choosing a pickleball shoe next to comfort. The Gel Resolution 6’s are one of the lightest shoes I’ve ever worn and the lightest pair on this page. I didn’t think a lightweight shoe would effect my game as much as it did but I found myself getting balls I normally couldn’t and just moving around the court faster in general.


  • By far the most comfortable
  • The lightest of the bunch
  • So far they have been extremely durable
  • Cool colors can’t hurt right?


  • Expensive
  • Out-sole may wear a bit faster then a pure tennis shoe

Overall these were my favorite men’s pickleball shoe hands down. The Asics just ticked the boxes in all categories. These are still my go-to pickleball shoes and the ones you’ll find me wearing even to this day. Give them a try and see what you think. I promise you these shoes will literally change your game.

A Great Men’s Shoe For Ex-Tennis Players

Great Men’s Shoe For Ex-Tennis PlayersIf you’re making the transition from tennis to pickleball or looking for something with a bit more stability at the cost of being heavier, then you may want to take a look at the Adidas Barricade tennis shoes.

I found the Barricades to be much stiffer than the Asics which some people do prefer. There was maybe a tad of added stability, however the insole was much stiffer and I found it to be a bit more taxing on my feet after a long session of play.

Then there was the weight. The Barricades were considerably heavier than the Asics which I didn’t like. Most likely due to the thicker out-soles. Tennis players may not mind this as it feels much like a traditional tennis shoe, however, when looking for the best pickleball shoes, I wanted something lightweight.

Durability is where the Barricades might potentially beat the Asics. The thicker out-sole will probably last a bit longer adding to the fact that these are tennis shoes made for rough outdoor courts.


  • Stiff, firm and stable for side to side movement
  • Thicker out-sole may be more durable
  • Tennis players swear by these


  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Insole was not near as comfortable or grippy as the Asics

All in all the Adidas Barricades are a great shoe, don’t get me wrong. If you’re coming from tennis you may actually prefer these to the Asics. But for me they just weren’t as nimble or as comfortable as the Asics Gel Resolution 7.

Best Women’s Pickleball Shoe

Best Women’s Pickleball ShoeDon’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you ladies. Although I was not able to test these shoes out myself for obvious reasons. I play with quite a few 5.0 women players. I asked all the women players I know what they thought were the best pickleball shoes. What they liked and dis-liked about pickleball shoes was very apparent right away.

An overwhelming consensus of women loved, and I mean loved the Asics Gel Resolution 6 Women’s. Funny huh? I’m sensing a trend here. My pick for the best men’s pickleball shoe is also the best pickleball shoe in the women’s version.

After asking around, most women like the Gel Resolution’s for the same reason I liked the men’s version. Things I heard very commonly were “very comfortable” and “lightweight and nimble”. I can see how this would happen as the women’s version is really the same as the men’s version just in different colors and sizes.


  • Lightweight and comfortable, just like the men’s version
  • Great grip and a wide out-sole for lateral movement
  • A lot of women liked the flashy colors.


  • Expensive
  • Out-sole not as durable as a pure tennis shoe

Asics has really hit a home run with the Gel Resolution 6’s. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t like the Gel Resolution 6’s. Even though finding a good pickleball shoe is a bit subjective, I promise you’ll like these if you try them.

Best Indoor Pickleball Shoe

As a bonus, I thought I would share my top pick for the best indoor pickleball shoe I’ve found. I play indoors in the summer (When it’s 115 degrees outside in AZ) and I’ve tried a lot of different shoes.

Tennis shoes work alright, but then I found the magic of natural gum shoes. Usually known as men’s volleyball shoes. My favorites and the ones I currently wear are the Asics Gel Rocket 7 indoor volleyball shoes.

I really can’t stress how much a natural gum rubber out-sole makes when playing inside. These things grip like I had glue on my feet. Even in dusty gyms they hold like hot tires on the tarmac. Add to this the fact that they are lightweight and wide and you have a winner.


  • Natural gum rubber grips like a beast
  • Lightweight
  • Gel insole keeps you comfy


  • Maybe a bit of a luxury to have 2 pairs of pickleball shoes, but the sport is pretty cheap to begin with

If you’re an indoor player looking for the best pickleball shoes, or at least play a lot of indoor games, you’d be remiss to at least try the Gel Rocket 7’s. They will give you a huge advantage in indoor play and people will wonder how you got to that ball.


Here is a quick summary of this entire post for the lazy like myself:


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