What do RV Parks and Pickleball Have in Common?

What goes better together than camping in your recreational vehicle (RV) and Pickleball? If you think about it the demographics of people traversing the state and country with RV’s and campers are exactly the same. In other words, most people who have an RV and/ or play Pickleball are 50+ years of age.

So, I thought I would highlight a few RV Campgrounds with Pickleball. Most of these are in the South or California but at least they go beyond Florida. You can click on each listing for more information.

Plus here is a couple of more campgrounds with Pickleball, sent to me by one of Pickleball Fire’s readers!

Red Apple Campground in Kennebunkport, ME

Rt.66 RV Resort in Alburquerque, NM

Galveston Island RV Resort in Galveston, TX

In the coming months, I’ll be adding to the list and creating a searchable database as the list continues to grow. Make sure to plan your RV trip around one of these destinations.

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