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Pickleball Dink: Ultimate Guide to Techniques, Strategies, & Drills for Success

You might think the dink shot is dead in this era of aggressive pickleball. But this is far from the truth as mastering the pickleball dink is still crucial for anyone looking to up their game. This delicate, accurate shot plays a pivotal role in dictating the game’s tempo, repositioning opponents, and setting up offensive…

Do you Use the Hairpin Drop in Pickleball?

More than likely you haven’t heard of a hairpin drop unless you’ve played badminton. But it is a shot Deb Harrison, who has taught Pickleball for 10 years, likes her students to learn. So the question to answer is, what is a hairpin drop in Pickleball and when do you use it? The hairpin drop…

How to Hit the Forehand Roll in Pickleball

When professional player Joey Farias first started playing Pickleball, he was still using a volley technique from tennis where you slice the ball. The problem with that is that the ball can float because you don’t have strings to put enough spin on the ball and control it. But Joey quickly learned from one of…

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