9 Funny Pickleball Shirts That Will Make You The Life Of The Court

Over the last year, I’ve seen some great Pickleball shirts on the court.   I’ve also seen some great sayings relevant to Pickleball.  Below I’ve made a list of both.

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Here’s a list of past favorites:


  • You know you are addicted when all you want to do is sleep, eat and play Pickleball
  • Yeah I play Pickleball like a girl, try to keep up
  • Never underestimate a grandma with a Pickleball paddle
  • Who cares if it is 6 a.m.?  It’s time to play Pickleball somewhere
  • Ditch the gym, play Pickleball instead
  • I play Pickleball.  What’s your superpower?
  • Social Security, Medicare, Pickleball.  What could be better?


When I first met you, I didn’t know how important you would be to me

Don’t be afraid of being a beginner

Don’t worry about growing old.  Worry about thinking old

Be an encourager in Pickleball.  The world has too many critics

The only bad game is the one you didn’t play

There is always time for Pickleball

Do you know what the favorite part of my game is?  The opportunity to play

There are no losers in Pickleball.  Either you win or you learn

Never put an age limit on your dreams

Age is no barrier.  It’s a limitation you put on your mind.  Quote by Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Wouldn’t life be boring without me?

5 reasons why pickleball is fun

  1.  It’a a great way to avoid the honey-do list
  2. It keeps reflexes sharp (if you had some to start)
  3. It’s better than playing in the snow
  4. You get to go shopping for pickleball clothes and paddles
  5. I don’t have to see my doctor so much

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