Pickleball Scorecard: Printable PDF Score Sheet

If you are playing in a tournament, league or other type of competitive event you will need a Pickleball scorecard.  Click here to download a PDF which you can print to keep track of the game scores.  This Pickleball score sheet  can handle matches up to five games as some events like the Pickleball Professional Association make the champion win three games in the finals so you may need a Pickleball scorecard for up to five games.  While traditional Pickleball games go up to 11 points, some other events have different formats so you can play games up to 21 points with this score sheet.  Be sure to indicate which team starts serving each game and there is a place to do just that.  If needed, you can keep track of timeouts as space exists for two timeouts each game.

Notice that the scorecard is similar to USA Pickleball’s official score sheet.  It contains the court number the match will be played on and the place to write in the name of the referee if there is one.  You can also write in the event whether it is an age division, singles, doubles, men’s, women’s or mixed competition.  The Pickleball scorecard has plenty of space so you can write in the players names without issue.  Finally, there is a place to indicate the format of the event.  This could be games to 11, 15, 21, or possibly some other format.  In other words, this Pickleball score sheet should meet your needs for any event.

The score card can be printed on paper or a heavier cardstock if you so choose.  The dotted line can be used as a guide to cut the Pickleball scorecard in half if you need to or it can be used as a full form.  Hopefully, it meets your needs but be sure to let us know if you need any changes.

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