When I first started playing Pickleball, I’d just grab my paddle and go to the courts.  Balls were supplied by the facilities and the nets were already set up.  I didn’t really need a bag.  However, as I purchased shoes for playing indoor and outdoor, I needed to make sure I had the right shoes when I arrived at the court.  I also needed to make sure I brought water as it is not usually supplied outdoors.  So, I thought I would share my research on the best Pickleball bags.

First of all, there are different types of Pickleball bags.  I prefer a backpack style to distribute the weight evenly. So, two of my top picks are backpacks.  One is the Onix backpack and the other is the Head backpack.  I decided to include a couple of other bags in the review for those who prefer a sling bag style.  I also found a great choice for women in a bag which is functional and feminine at the same time.

One of the biggest questions players have about Pickleball bags is how many paddles they hold. So, you can see in the chart below I included a column for Number of Paddles.  I was surprised that the sling bag actually holds the most paddles while the Head backpack only holds two.

Here’s a quick peak at pricing and reviews.  The rest of the post details the Pickleball bags.

Onix Pickleball Backpack 

The Onix Pickleball backpack is great for those looking for a more systematic approach to carrying their pickleball equipment. This backpack comes with five separate zippered storage areas.  This allows you to  easily segregate all your equipment before heading out to the court.

The Onix backpack is perfect for carrying your pickleballs, paddles, water, and any apparel you decide to take to the court. This backpack is designed with mesh panels on both the front and the back, ensuring breathability and preventing sweat from gathering up on your back.

And unlike the much larger and heavier duffel bags, the Onix Pickleball backpack is designed for ease and comfort. The two-strap backpack design makes it easy to carry even when it’s filled up with heavy equipment.

Of course, this backpack isn’t as large as a duffel bag and will probably not be able to hold as much equipment. But the storage space in the Onix backpack is large enough for most of your pickleball equipment.  Plus, the ergonomic design makes it a favorite in the market.

Head Pickleball Backpack

Squash, tennis, paddleball, pickleball, snowboarding, skiing, you name it! Head is one company that’s been in the sports game for decades.  It has been offering high-end sports products and peripherals for years now.

The Head backpack is ideal for both paddleball and pickleball. It can store up to two paddles along with a few balls. The main compartment is also adequately padded to ensure that your paddles are held securely in place and kept safe from harm.

The front of the backpack comes with a large, zippered accessory space for storing things like phones, car keys, or towels. The bag also comes with a glove cord and a vented shoe compartment.  This gives you the option of carrying a range of equipment to your matches.

This backpack also comes with a padded back which ensures enhanced comfort to the user, and a durable fabric is used in its creation which improves the longevity of the bag.

Franklin Sports:  Best Pickleball Bag Sling Back Style

The Franklin Sports Pickleball bag, unlike the previous one, is a sling bag and happens to appear a lot smaller than a regular backpack. But don’t let the size fool you.

This tear-shaped sling bag can hold two paddles and upto six balls at the same time! It even has a separate compartment to carry your phone, sunglasses and other small items. And on the outside, you’ll find another space to keep your water bottle.

The Franklin Sports bag also comes with a hook that can be brought out from the top of the bag. This is quite handy during matches when you can hang your bag at eye level instead of having to stoop or bend down to get something out of it.

Of course, the disadvantage with this bag is that it doesn’t have separate compartments like a backpack, so you’ll have to store all your equipment in one spot.

But the single shoulder strap gives this bag a much more sleek look and makes it easy to carry around. The Franklin Sport Pickleball bag is also reinforced with two panels that tend to make the bag feel a little rigid but also ensure durability.

Pik’le’Ball Women’s: Best Pickleball Bag

While the makers of this bag claim that it’s primarily for women, it’s the perfect bag for men as well. Especially if you’ve got a load of pickleball equipment to carry to your matches.

This duffel bag isn’t bulky and unnecessarily large like most other duffel bags, but it’s still spacious enough to accommodate a surprisingly large volume of pickleball equipment. It’s got a side compartment that’s capable of holding three paddles with a main compartment that can hold many more along with your pickleballs.

The outside includes a mesh water-bottle holder that’s spacious enough to keep large, reusable bottles. The inside also includes various other compartments to store your phone and other essential equipment.

The side compartment is lined with material to protect your paddles and ensure that they don’t get scratched or damaged. The bottom of the bag is lined with a raised rubber base that prevents the base of the bag from getting dirty or stained.

The straps of the bag are made from soft material and can be fastened together using a velcro strap and hung on a hook during your pickleball games.


As you can see from this list, there are three main types of pickleball bags – sling bags, duffle bags, and backpacks. Before selecting one of the bags on this list, you’ll need to figure out which one works best for you.

As I mentioned at the top of the post, I prefer a backpack style.  However, don’t overlook the sling bag. It holds up to 6 paddles and the women’s duffle style which can hold 3 paddles.

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