Tennis elbow is something I never thought I would experience.  I played racquetball for 10+ years and never had elbow problems.  However, a few years ago I noticed my elbow hurting while sitting at my desk.  Seriously?  I was getting tennis elbow from using my computer mouse?  I might have thought my elbow problem was from Pickleball which I started playing two years ago.  But since I’ve barely lifted a paddle in the last two months due to the coronavirus lockdown, I am now convinced it is from moving my mouse.  So, I thought I would see if I could learn what are the best tennis elbow braces, supports, and sleeves.  Here’s a quick summary of the top braces for tennis elbow.  I’ll be purchasing one of these soon!

Best Tennis Elbow Braces

Tennis elbow is also quite commonly known as lateral epicondylitis and affects the elbow and forearm regions of the body. Surprisingly, tennis elbow isn’t something that happens only to tennis players. Besides racquet sports, tennis elbow can be a condition that develops in people due to their lifestyles or jobs, including lifting weights or using a mouse for prolonged hours (like in my case).

Thankfully, tennis elbow is fully treatable and requires an adequate amount of icing, rest, rehab, and slowly acclimatizing the arm to its former activity.

A great way to speed up the recovery would be to get a tennis elbow brace to give your arm that extra support it needs while healing.  In my research, I found three types of braces.  The first one is the Simien tennis elbow brace which is one I’ve seen many others wear.  It is simply an adjustable strap that provides compression and alleviates pain.  The other three braces are compression sleeves.  One of them also has a strap so this design may be more effective for some people.

Here are a few of the top braces you may want to consider for your elbow injury.

Simien Tennis Elbow Brace

This stylish elbow brace can even be worn outside rehab as part of your tennis look and to give your arm that extra support during games.  One of the best things I read about this manufacturer is that they include an instruction booklet on how to use the product.

The Simien Tennis Elbow brace has been around for over a decade now and is still one of the top contenders in the market. The design is quite simple, but utilizes neoprene and nylon, which are both durable and comfortable.

The motto of this brace is ‘one size fits all’ and it’s designed specifically to suit an unimaginable range of forearm sizes. A velcro strap makes it easy to wear and adjustable to a very high degree, allowing you to find the exact tightness required to support your elbow during a game. This strap also makes it easy to adjust the tightness quickly when required.

Kunto Fitness Compression Sports Sleeve

Compression sleeves like this are ideal for those looking to get an even pressure around the upper part of the arm and not simply in one specified region. Proper-fitting, yet breathable, the Kunto Fitness brace provides support and relief from tennis elbow without compromising on comfort and mobility. A sleeve like this can be worn for a wide range of sports, including weightlifting, thanks to the fact that it does not hinder a player’s ability to perform.

The True Fit fabric weave used in the creation of this sleeve allows for a comfortable fit around arms of various sizes. Quite often tennis elbow sleeves can be too constricting, but the Kunto Fitness sleeve maintains its effectiveness without compromising on comfort.

Sparthos Elbow Compression Sleeves

The Sparthos Elbow Compression sleeve was designed to be worn by anyone during any time of the day. It is made keeping comfort, superior support, and mobility in mind.  The Sparthos Elbow band is the perfect fit for those recuperating from tennis elbow.

However, thanks to the mobility and support it provides, it’s also great for those who require additional support while playing.

Made from top-quality yarn, the Sparthos sleeve feels like a second skin and feels like a part of you. This feature makes it ideal for you to wear when you’re going shopping, to work, or even relaxing on the couch.

The best part? This sleeve comes in four super-slick, stylish colors, including cobalt blue, flamingo pink, midnight black, and desert beige. So if you’re looking for a stylish yet supportive brace, this is definitely it.

Bauerfeind EpiTrain Elbow Support

The Bauerfeind EpiTrain support offers unmatched stability to the elbow joint while offering a compression massage effect. This compression helps to relieve pain, improve circulation, and keep the muscles adequately engaged so they can strengthen quicker.

It’s important to mention that Bauerfeind has been the official partner of the Olympic games since 2010.  It is used by many professional athletes. They’ve been making orthotics for over 7 decades now, and you can bet they’ve perfected the craft.

The fabric used is both soft and breathable, ensuring comfort; you can even wear the brace the whole day without the slightest difficulty.

This sleeve comes in seven different sizes and you’ll have to get the right fit so it’s tight enough to put pressure on the tendon without cutting off circulation.

Of course, this comfort, mobility, and compression comes at a price. The Bauerfeind EpiTrain is roughly double (or even triple) the price of many of the other sleeves on this list. But the quality is unmatched.


Tennis elbow braces are great in two main ways.

  1. To help speed up recovery after an injury so you can start playing again

  2. To provide extra support to a weak or recovering arm

It’s very important, even with a brace, to continue your physical therapy exercises and strengthen your arm to prevent a recurring injury.

So get the right brace, strengthen those arms, and good luck!  I’ll let you know how my choice turns out in a few weeks.

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