Pickleball Instructor Jay Parker San Diego, California

Jay Parker is a lifetime tennis player who captained his college tennis team and went on to coach prep school tennis teams at Vermont Academy and the Naval Academy Prep School.  In 2016 he switched to Pickleball, and has never looked back.  Jay loves to help players take best advantage of their previous sports, and specifically to help tennis players bring their hard-earned skills over to the Pickleball Court.  He drills all of the Pickleball shots using a ‘Rules-Mindset-Technique’ approach,  emphasizing the intensely cerebral aspects of the sport.  Over 50 students have enjoyed lessons and series of lessons with Jay to maximize their games.  Most importantly he values the relational aspects of the San Diego Pickleball Community which is vibrant and growing at a rapid pace.  Jay is a IPTPA Certified Level II Teaching Professional.  

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