Pickleball Instructor Joseph Borrelli Raleigh, North Carolina

Certification: IPTPA Level II

Currently working as a consultant to Swing Racquet and Paddle in the development of an all racquet sports facility in Raleigh, NC. https://swingnc.com

I work directly with Raleigh City Parks and Recreation directors in locating municipal venues that would benefit with the introduction of pickleball to their program offerings. I offer private, semi-private, group lessons and clinics during the week for the City of Raleigh and the Triangle Region of North Carolina. Raleigh has grown it’s facility offerings from one indoor venue with 3 courts to 11 venues with 39 courts and one outdoor facility with 6 courts. Growth will continue as the sport diversifies.

Formerly USAPA Mid-Atlantic Regional Director with the primary responsibility as a spokesperson and representative for the USAPA for all activities related to pickleball within the 10 state region and District of Columbia.

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