You’ve been playing Pickleball for awhile.  You may have even played in some tournaments.  Now you want to go as far as you can and become a high level tournament player.

Start with the articles below.

11 Teaching Professionals Speak Out:  How to Move Up to the 4.0 Level

Pickleball Strategy: What You Need to Do to Win

What Pickleball Paddles Do the Pros Use

Pickleball Competition: Getting the Most out of Playing Up or Down

Best Pickleball Machine

Illegal Pickleball Paddles: Why Isn’t Yours an USAPA Approved Paddle?

Recommended Paddles for Best Tournament Performance

Engage Encore Pro

This paddle tops most lists of the best Pickleball paddles.  It has a great balance of power and control and is used by many of the top players.

Prince Response Pro Composite

This paddle is used by one of the top pros in Pickleball, Simone Jardim.  It’s a great paddle if you need more control and touch when you are at the net.

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