One of the many great things about Pickleball is you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to get started.  In fact, you can purchase a Pickleball paddle set with two paddles and balls for under $80.  If your have local courts you don’t even need a net.  If you don’t have courts nearby, I do recommend purchasing a portable Pickleball net separately. The ones that come with most sets are of low quality.  Click here for the nets I recommend.

The first two Pickleball sets below are ones I recommend.  The last two sets I do not recommend and I’ll get into the specifics later in the post.  Also, if you are not looking for a Pickleball paddle set, click here for recommendations on which paddle is best for your skill level and game.

Selkirk Sport NEO Composite:  Best Pickleball Paddle Set

Selkirk Sport themselves have claimed that this is the ‘ultimate starter paddle’. They use the same polymer, honeycomb core as their premium paddles but employ a new technology for the composite face. This has allowed them to create premium-grade paddles at a much lower price than usual. So if you’re just starting out and looking to make a small investment in pickleball, this is your best bet.

The composite surface on the paddle is designed to offer a much larger and more effective sweet spot.  This allows for better ball control and playability. The composite surface also employs blue and red vinyl graphics designs giving the paddles a sleek, refined look.

Selkirk’s ThinGrip technology offers a comfortable, cushioned grip that absorbs perspiration.  This gives you much better control of the racket and its dynamics. The EdgeSentry Guard on the paddle protects it from damage during gameplay and many customers have spoken about how even dragging the paddles on the ground does not cause scratches or damage.

This paddle happens to be in the medium-weight range making it the right fit for intermediate players looking to
improve their game

.  The balls included with the set are Jugs indoor balls and are of excellent quality.

I’m giving the Selkirk Pickleball paddle set top ratings due to the quality of the paddles and balls.  The paddles are manufactured in the U.S.A. and they meet
USAPA tournament regulations for a legal paddle
you can use in sanctioned tournaments


XSPAK Graphite:  Best Value Pickleball Paddle Set

This paddle set comes with two paddles and four indoor pickleball balls packed in a bag that doubles as a sling bag that you can take with you to matches. The paddles in this set come with a graphite face, giving them a more sturdy feel and helping to improve precision and control during games.

Polymer material is used at the core of these paddles, giving them redefined strength and durability. The graphite face along with this polymer core provide a unique mix of power and stability that makes it easier to work on all kinds of shots.

The edge guard on this paddle is slim enough to prevent mishits during a game that can happen from the ball hitting the edge. However, this edge guard is also sturdy enough to protect the paddle from any possible damage on court during a game.

This paddles weighs a mere 8 ounces and comes with a contoured, cushioned grip, making it extremely lightweight and comfortable. So if you’re just starting out, this pickleball set is perfect for you.

These are two pickleball paddle sets that you should definitely consider purchasing if you’re looking to buy a pickleball set.

Now, let’s take a look at two pickleball sets that you should avoid.

Driveway Games Pickleball:  A Pickleball Set to Avoid

This pickleball set from Driveway games includes two paddles,
pickleball balls

, and a net. And while it does come with all the equipment you need, it’s definitely not a set you want to purchase in the long run.

It’s touted as the perfect set for families. The only problem is that the set comes without any directions to set up the net, so it can be difficult to secure the bottom, which reduces tension in the net and allows it to sort of ‘hang’ during the game. This can cause the ball to move unnaturally when it comes in contact with the net, which can often spoil the game.

The paddles are of poor quality and customers claim that the grip comes undone after an hour of play. This can be quite annoying considering that the paddles are wooden.  They can leave splinters in your hands if used without the grip.

Rally Meister Wood Paddle Set:  Not so Deluxe

The Rally Meister Wood Paddle Deluxe is a set of wooden paddles that work well for those just starting out. However, this set is only worth an investment if you’re looking to play pickleball a few times throughout the year.

The set comes with four paddles and six pickleballs, but don’t mistake quantity for quality; the grip on these paddles come off quickly and the paddles absorb a lot of moisture over time. This moisture absorption makes them quite useless after a while and you’ll probably need to get another set.

The pickleball balls in this set aren’t standard balls and provide a lot less bounce than regular ones. Again, if you’re just looking to
play pickleball

five or six times a year, this set is perfect. But don’t buy this paddle set if you plan to play regularly.

Better Get Yourself a Net

It’s safe to say that the best pickleball sets would be the ones that include only the paddles and the pickleballs. Most of the time, the nets that come with pickleball sets are of poor quality and can be difficult to set up.

So, it’s best to get yourself one of the paddle sets mentioned in this list and buy the net separately. Sure, it may cost a little more money, but in the long run you could save a few bucks that would otherwise be spent on replacing the net periodically.

So get yourself a set, practice your game, and happy pickleball!

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