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Thomas Yelloweyes found Pickleball by accident but after playing 5 games he was hooked.  Since then Thomas has taught 180 Pickleball clinics with 1200 students in a year’s time and is a certified Pickleball instructor by two organizations.  Enjoy the podcast as he talks about his journey while giving some great tips on both the technical and mental side of Pickleball.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Thomas has Pickleball teaching certifications from two different groups
  • What Thomas learned about Pickleball while becoming a certified instructor
  • Where in the bounce you should hit the dink shot
  • Why Thomas encourages his students to fail
  • How COVID got in the way of Thomas teaching at some destination Pickleball clinics
  • Why Thomas uses the Vulcan V530

Show Notes

Mentioned in the podcast:

Vulcan V530

Night Train Pickleball

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