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Scott is the most decorated Pickleball player I’ve interviewed so far, winning 7 Triple Crown Pickleball Championships and being the #1 rated men’s senior player.  He teaches throughout the world, travelling to places on his bucket list.  Scott talks about two key areas of Pickleball that you don’t hear much about:  the fourth shot and how to reset points from different positions on the court.  Scott is also quite the entrepreneur as you’ll hear about how his hobby of Pickleball turned into a great  set of businesses.  This is really one of the most interesting interviews I’ve done so far.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Scott has been able to win 7 Triple Crowns
  • Travelling to Scott’s bucket list destinations and teaching clinics in those locations
  • Which training aid has helped Scott get in the best shape of his life at age 58
  • The 10 principles of Pickleball video series with Scott and his son, Daniel
  • The strategy behind the fourth shot in Pickleball
  • How to reset points based upon court position
  • How Scott’s hobby of Pickleball has unintentionally turned into a set of great businesses
  • Scott talks about what is even faster growing than Pickleball

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