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Darlene is a Pickleball ambassador in the Oakland, CA area.  She talks about how she teaches people to play Pickleball who have never played a sport or have a disability.  Darlene also talks about what she learned from Pickleball professional Gigi LeMaster on how to be proactive rather than reactive on the court.

Show Notes

  • How Darlene’s background in racquetball helped her with Pickleball
  • What Darlene learned from professional Pickleball player Gigi LeMaster
  • How Darlene creates a game plan with her Pickleball partner
  • Darlene’s advice for those people just starting to play Pickleball
  • How to connect with a Pickleball ambassador
  • What is means when Darlene says it’s really not the wand, it’s the wizard

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