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Jelle Kooijman  is the first person I’ve interviewed on the podcast who is not a Pickleball player.  But he has a great deal to offer to listeners as he talks about the importance of your mindset when trying to perform at the highest levels on the court.  Jelle is a mental performance coach who helps athletes adapt to the negative aspects of the sports environment.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Jelle helps athletes deal with the negative aspects of the sports environment
  • Misconceptions about the role and importance of emotions in sports
  • Finding the balance between your emotions when on the court and the energy they provide
  • Jelle talks about methods to reduce your anxiety if it is negatively impacting your performance
  • Why negative self talk isn’t always bad when you are on the court
  • How a change in mindset can help you come back if you get behind in a game or match
  • The difference between routines and superstitions in sports
  • Why routines are important to maximize your performance
  • How Jelle has taken his sports psychology practice online since COVID-19

Mentioned in the Show

JWK Mental Performance

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