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This episode is all about Pickleball paddles as I talk to the paddle geek Brandon Swanson.  Brandon gives paddle recommendations for people of all levels and budgets.  He also talks about how to find the paddle that’s right for you and dives into the technical aspects of Pickleball paddle materials and manufacturing.  If you want to learn more about paddles or are looking for a new paddle, this is a must listen to show!

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • What led Brandon to becoming the Paddle Geek with 120 paddles
  • Which paddle he currently uses when playing Pickleball and the two other brands he recommends
  • Which paddle Brand suggests for beginning Pickleball players and why it’s good for them
  • Brandon describes how he recommends paddles to players who ask which paddle to use
  • How to figure out what paddle is right for you
  • The effect of using a different paddle each time you play
  • Brandon talks about the technical aspects of paddles including what materials are used in manufacturing them
  • Brandon’s plans for creating Pickleball keepsakes

Mentioned in the Show

Brandon’s Facebook Page

Brandon’s You Tube Channel

Pro-Lite Blaster

Onix Z5



Selkirk S2

Onix Evoke Premier

Paddletek Tempest Wave

Pro-Lite Titan

Selkirk Prime Epic

Players Pickleball Rogue

Players Pickleball Rogue2

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