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In this episode, Carolyn Ebbinghaus talks about how you can win with power in Pickleball even at the professional level.  She also  mentions an unusual method of tournament preparation that is important to her game.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Carolyn wasn’t disappointed when her ranking dropped from the 5.0 pro level to a 4.5 rating
  • Why she isn’t playing as many tournament as she used to
  • Carolyn’s tournament prep including a ritual she developed years ago but still continues to this very day
  • Her playing style and why it’s called the shake and bake
  • Why she enjoys teaching people just starting to play Pickleball
  • How Carolyn developed her business and why it’s important to have a brick and mortar location

Mentioned in the Show

Pickleball Outfitters

Selkirk Epic paddle

Paddletek TS5 paddle

Engage 6.0 series

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