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In this episode, I talk with Randi Levenbaum who is a USA Pickleball certified referee, registered referee trainer, and the USA Pickleball mountain region referee training coordinator.  She talks about new rules for Pickleball in 2021 including two new serving rules which are being talked about a lot on social media.  Randi also talks about other new rules which are especially important for tournament players and how you and your partner should work together to make line calls.

Randi Levenbaum

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • What Randi thinks is the next best thing to being a professional Pickleball player
  • The steps involved in becoming a certified Pickleball referee
  • Why it is not unusual to have over 100 rules changes for Pickleball in 2021 and when the rules go into effect
  • The details of two new rules related to serving including let serves and the drop serve
  • How new rules for Pickleball are proposed each year and the process for getting through the rules committee
  • Other important changes in rules especially for those involved in tournament play
  • How the professionals make line calls differently from most other players
  • How you and your partner should work together to make line calls during doubles play

Mentioned in the Show

USA Pickleball Association Officiating

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