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In this episode, I talk with Catherine Parenteau who is a former Division I tennis player and current professional Pickleball player.  Catherine has some great tips on training both on and off the court.  She covers how to choose doubles partners, how to scout opponents, and the physical and mental training methods she uses to maximize performance.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Catherine’s fifth year at university led to her playing Pickleball
  • What she missed the most after finishing her tennis career at Michigan State University
  • Why Catherine considers a tournament where she finished second as her biggest win at the professional level so far
  • Her advice on how to choose a doubles partner for tournament events
  • How Catherine and her doubles partners prepare for tournaments when they don’t have a chance to train together due to geographical distances
  • How she scouts her opponents ahead of matches
  • The number one difference between professional players and amateurs
  • What Catherine has been working on during COVID-19
  • Training methods she is using to improve her Pickleball game and how her regimen differs from her tennis days
  • The mental training methods she uses both on and off the court
  • Why she uses two different Pickleball paddles

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