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In this episode, I talk with Dotti Berry who is bringing together players and experts in live interactive events to improve health and fitness in Pickleball.  Ironically, it took three different people to convince Dotti to start playing Pickleball and just a couple years later she’s bringing together Pickleball professionals and other experts.  Her next summit is January 28-29, 2021.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • How it took three different people to convince Dotti to start playing Pickleball
  • A chance encounter on a plane that led to Dotti helping professional player Tyson McGuffin with his recovery time
  • Why Dotti’s first Pickleball summit focused on the mental training aspect of the sport
  • Dotti’s plans for her next Pickleball summit January 28-29 and how you can participate live or watch later
  • The type of stretching you should do before playing Pickleball
  • Dotti’s new Pickleball forum and who she believes it will benefit
  • The difference between mindset and mind shift and why it makes sense to differentiate between the two

Mentioned in the Show

Upcoming Pickleball Health Shift Summit

Past summit on mental game

Facebook page for EPIC Pickleball Athletes

New Pickleball Group – Pickleball Forum For Women

Bio energy device video with Tyson McGuffin

Bio energy device video how/why

4 Week Course on the Mental Game

How to reach Dotti Berry, aka Coach B
1-888-440-9780 (also toll-free from Canada) – text or voice

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