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In this episode, I talk with Leigh and 14-year-old Anna Leigh Waters who are a mother and daughter professional Pickleball team.  Anna Leigh wasn’t even a teenager when the team finished in first place at the 2019 Pickleball nationals.  They have an incredible story of how they started playing Pickleball and had a rapid rise to the top of the game.  This is a must listen to episode especially if you are interested in learning how to play aggressively and win at the highest levels.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Hurricane Irma was a life changing event for the Waters
  • The level at which Leigh and Anna Leigh started playing Pickleball tournaments
  • Why the Waters game improved rapidly in 2018 and when Leigh realized 11-year-old Anna Leigh was ready to be her partner at the professional level
  • Why the Waters did not play tournaments for most of 2020 and how they did in their first tournament in 2021
  • Which part of the game Leigh and Anna Leigh worked on when they were training in 2020
  • Whether Leigh or Anna Leigh’s game is now more aggressive
  • Why the Waters were called tennis players on the Pickleball court when they first started playing
  • How other sports have enhanced Anna Leigh’s Pickleball game
  • Anna Leigh’s goals in sports and what she plans to achieve in the future
  • How to make practice fun
  • The music the Waters use for motivation during a tournament
  • What they give up to play Pickleball
  • Anna Leigh’s plans for her 14th birthday and how COVID-19 is impacting her party

Anna Leigh & Leigh Waters Photo by Belinda Dettman

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