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In this episode, I talk with Steve Wong who has a long history in Pickleball as he started playing the game in 1991.  Steve has done so much in the sport including being a founder of the USA Pickleball Association, winning a national championship, and starting two Pickleball companies (Onix and Armour Pickleball).  Steve has seen so much growth in the sport yet he still has an ultimate dream for Pickleball.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Steve had a 7 year hiatus from Pickleball back in the 1990’s
  • How Steve and Mark Friedenberg started the USAPA in 2005
  • Steve’s entrepreneurial spirit and what it took to build Onix Pickleball
  • What’s different about Steve’s new company Armour Pickleball which started in 2019
  • Three things that helped the sport of Pickleball take off in the last 12 years
  • What Steve’s dream is for Pickleball and where he expects it to grow even further
  • Steve’s teaching style and how he takes his students to the next level

Mentioned in the Show

Onix Pickleball

Armour Pickleball


Armour Axiom Paddle

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