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In this episode, I talk with Laura Fenton Kovanda who has won national championships in five different sports.   Yes you read that right, in five sports including Pickleball!  Laura really has a powerful story as she talks about the challenges in becoming a professional athlete and her passion for teaching sports.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Laura entered a Pickleball tournament even though she had never played the game
  • How her religious background impacted her sports participation and what it took to become a professional racquetball player
  • The brutal way Laura’s racquetball career ended and what she is doing to try to play the sport again
  • Why she doesn’t like to talk about her Pickleball tournament success and what she considers her Pickleball achievements to be
  • How Laura finds her opponents’ weaknesses and helps her students to do the same
  • The influence of her childhood coach in teaching her how to read lines, angles, heights, and speeds

Mentioned in the Show

World Team Pickleball

U.S. Pickleball Open

National Pickleball Championships

Tournament of Champions

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