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In this episode, I talk with Gordon G.G. Gebert who I first saw in a Youtube video practicing Pickleball in the snow.  Gordon has developed a training practice paddle called the Slam Master and you don’t even need a partner to get in a great workout.  The Slam Master helps to improve reaction time, control, and coordination.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • When Gordon developed the Slam Master Training Practice Paddle
  • Comparisons to training aids in other sports such as baseball and boxing
  • The toy that influenced the development of the Slam Master and the work it took to bring the paddle to market
  • How to get started with the training practice paddle and what you shouldn’t to at first
  • How the Slam Master helps you with your Pickleball game and what shots you can improve
  • Which level of Pickleball players can benefit the most from the training practice paddle
  • Slam Master clinics and online challenges where you can win prizes
  • How you can get a lifetime warranty on Pickleballs

Mentioned in the Show

Slam Master Website

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