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In this episode, I talk with professional Lauren Stratman, the day before a tournament, about her physical and mental preparation for competition.  Apparently, her methods work well as she finished in third place in women’s doubles with her partner Lea Jansen.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • How it took Lauren awhile to became hooked on Pickleball
  • Why she moved on from her dream of being a top professional tennis player
  • What Lauren’s favorite quote is and how it impacts her Pickleball game
  • What keeps her up late the night before participating in a tournament event
  • One time Lauren wasn’t prepared for a tournament and what she did after the event
  • The mental training techniques she learned from her father and how she uses them on the Pickleball court
  • What is Lauren’s strongest weapon on the Pickleball court
  • The most common reason she would get texts from her students after they played in a tournament

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