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It’s not unusual for elite tennis players to come into Pickleball at the 4.5 or professional level.  But in this interview I talk with Aaron Donofrio who started at the 3.0 level and a few years later become a professional Pickleball player.  Aaron shares what it took to develop his game since he didn’t have a racquet sports background.  He also discusses how this and his unusual grip can actually be an advantage in the game of Pickleball.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • What Aaron does differently from other pros because he did not have a racquet sports background prior to learning to play Pickleball
  • Why not having a racquet sport background can be a good thing when playing Pickleball
  • How his unusual grip on the paddle gives him an advantage
  • Aaron’s goals in Pickleball and why they are different from many pro players
  • What other things he is passionate about outside of Pickleball
  • Aaron’s favorite drill in Pickleball and why he enjoys it
  • Why it took him 1.5 years to tell his friends he plays Pickleball
  • Aaron’s tips for improving your game

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