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In this interview, I talk with Michele Dabal who had acute liver failure and was given a 50% chance to live.  She not only survived, but started participating in the Transplant Games in numerous sports.  When Pickleball was added to the U.S. games in 2018, Michele decided to learn the sport.  Since then she has been teaching and growing the game of Pickleball both for organ transplant recipients and others in the New Jersey area.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Michele first became involved in the U.S. Transplant Games, joined Team Liberty, and the reason why she started playing Pickleball
  • Why Pickleball is such a great sport for organ transplant recipients
  • Why Michele wished she would have known about the sport of Pickleball a lot sooner after her transplant
  • How she grew Pickleball in her town and how she travels around the area to teach other Pickleball players on Team Liberty
  • Precautions transplant recipients need to take in life and on the Pickleball court
  • Michele’s interest in teaching wheelchair Pickleball

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Strand Tennis Center

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