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Pro player Taylor Taylor talks about how she uses Pickleball to develop community outreach programs in Memphis and why she started building Pickleball courts during the pandemic.  Taylor also goes deep into what it means to have shot tolerance in Pickleball and how this can improve you game.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Taylor booked a trip to watch the U.S. Open Pickleball Championship in Naples before she played in her first tournament
  • Her experience playing on center court a few weeks ago against top pros Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova
  • Taylor’s college thesis and how it influenced her to start a community outreach program focused on Pickleball
  • Why G.A.M.E isn’t what you think it might be
  • How Pickleball influences the child adult relationship and impacts your body and mind
  • The impact of the pandemic on Taylor’s community outreach program and what the heck is a COVID kit?
  • Why she partnered with a friend to build Pickleball courts
  • Shot tolerance and why you need it in Pickleball plus what is a red ball?

Mentioned in the Show

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