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Pro player Meg Charity combines her passion for the sport with her entrepreneurial spirit that helps her to run Pickleball events, develop a large Pickleball venue, and teach (when she has the time).  Meg also talks in depth about an advanced Pickleball strategy called stacking and reverse stacking and how it can benefit your game.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Meg was super frustrated the first time she was introduced to Pickleball and how long it took before she started playing seriously
  • How a business venture in the tennis world convinced her to focus on Pickleball both on and off the court
  • What Rally is and why Meg is so excited about it
  • How Meg gained the confidence to play Pickleball professionally
  • What stacking is in Pickleball and how it can benefit your game
  • Why Meg likes to reverse stack even when playing mixed doubles and how this gives her an advantage

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