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Certified instructor Trey Sizemore has teamed up with pro Helle Sparre to create an amazing video course on Pickleball doubles strategy.  Trey talks about the relationship between chess and Pickleball, thinking more than one shot ahead, and the importance of patience in building a point.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Trey’s World Pickleball Summit helped him to partner with pro Helle Sparre in creating a doubles strategy course
  • The hard work it takes to develop a video Pickleball course and the feedback received from the students after it was completed
  • How Pickleball is comparable to chess and why it’s so important to think more than one shot ahead
  • An example of what it means to build a point in Pickleball
  • What students enjoy the most about the course and how it helps their game
  • How the Dynamite Doubles course isn’t just all about videos but also provides other training aids
  • Future plans of course offerings to help Pickleball players

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