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Pickleball professional DJ Howard travels the country teaching Pickleball through Gamma’s Never Stop Playing Pickleball Camps.  He was able to make some time to discuss serving as we take a deep dive into the subject on this podcast episode.  We cover how to practice serving, how to overcome the yips when serving, and the drop serve.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • DJ’s motto for practice and competition and how they differ
  • Why he considers himself to be the “technique” guy and how it influences his teaching
  • Why technique might not always be the right thing to focus on when learning the game of Pickleball
  • Why DJ doesn’t use a cookie cutter approach to teaching Pickleball
  • The importance of trying to hit targets when serving and where to place them regardless of your skill level
  • Why DJ likes to ask his students questions and how it helps their game
  • Why it’s important to feel pressure when practicing even when serving
  • Two suggestions for how to overcome the yips when serving
  • The drop serve and DJ’s thoughts on how much to use it and when

Mentioned in the Show

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Gamma Legend

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