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NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry might be 77 years of age, but he is well on his way to achieving his Pickleball goals.  Although just starting to play Pickleball two years ago, his high-level tennis background has propelled him in the sport that he now loves.  This is a must listen to podcast as Rick’s energy and enthusiasm are evident for his new favorite sport.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Rick first heard about Pickleball years ago but didn’t start playing until two years ago
  • Rick’s tennis background and the professional tennis players he shared the court with during exhibitions
  • Why he turned down the chance to partner with tennis great Pete Sampras in an exhibition
  • What Rick did against tennis great Chrissy Evert that enabled him to win a bet
  • What he hated most about Pickleball when he started to play the sport
  • The sport Rick thinks is the hardest to master and why he likes Pickleball so much
  • Rick’s goals in Pickleball and other sports achievements
  • The three shots he thinks are critical to win in Pickleball
  • Which current NBA athlete plays Pickleball and what Rick thinks about his basketball game
  • What Rick missed the most when he retired from the NBA
  • What sport he plans to do when he is 90+ and what he wants to win

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