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Joey Farias went from playing professional tennis to practicing with a group of well known Pickleball professionals in Michigan including Simone Jardim, Corrine Carr, DJ Howard,  and Catherine Parenteau.  Needless to say, Joey is also a Pickleball professional.  He joined me on the podcast for an in depth discussion on how to volley in Pickleball and how it differs from a tennis volley.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why the first time Joey played Pickleball doubles was with professionals Simone Jardim and Corrine Carr
  • How Joey broke his back and how it impacted his professional tennis career
  • Which tennis style translates the best to the Pickleball court
  • What influenced Joey to keep adding to his arsenal of Pickleball shots
  • How to hit a rolling volley and why the direction you hit the ball is so important
  • How the volley in tennis differs from how you should be hitting it in Pickleball
  • When to take the ball out of the air versus letting it bounce when you are at the kitchen line
  • The role of deception in your attacking game

Mentioned in the Show

U.S. Open Pickleball Championships

Riverland Racquet Club St. Lucie, Florida

Gearbox GX6 Joey Farias Signature Paddle

Joey’s Facebook Page

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