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Addam Shand has a background in running sports programs for children.  So, it wasn’t surprising that after just a few months of playing Pickleball, he started a league for kids.  Addam has teamed up with a variety of instructors and manufacturers in the game to build a great environment for kids to learn and enjoy the game.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • Addam’s surprising teacher the first time he took a Pickleball lesson and why he was in so much pain afterward
  • Why his background fits so well with creating Pickleball leagues for children
  • How Addam’s daughter was influential in him starting the kids Pickleball league
  • The importance of getting others in the Pickleball industry to help out with the league
  • Why more children are not playing Pickleball and why the league includes instruction
  • Why kids do their Pickleball homework and an example of the homework they get from their instructors
  • Creating a uniform program for children with other regions in the country
  • The challenges involved in started the program for kids

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