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Matthew Blom retired from tournament Pickleball after winning the men’s open doubles National Championship in 2015.  Still, he is known for his stress free approach when competing and his inside out approach to the game as he teaches others.  In the interview, I love it when he talks about some of the weird things he does on the court when teaching.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Matthew’s college tennis coach believed it was important to play Pickleball also
  • How his coach’s teachings went well beyond the game of tennis or Pickleball
  • Why Matthew had a 12 year gap from the time he first played Pickleball until he picked up a paddle again
  • How a meeting with Prem Carnot, the Pickleball Guru, influenced Matthew
  • How he found “fun” in sports again by doing volunteer work
  • Why Pickleball can be an access point to the rest of your life
  • The weird things Matthew does when teaching Pickleball to others and why he can get away with it
  • How stress and anxiety impact your game and what you can do to alleviate their negative effects
  • Why a fast rally at the net creates a sense of flow in your game
  • Why Matthew uses a black sharpie on the ball when he is teaching
  • Examples of what he calls poisonous static and how to overcome them

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