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I spoke with Rick Witsken a few days after the U.S. Open where he won three medals including a gold with Scott Moore in senior pro doubles.  Rick talks about the many ways he is involved with Pickleball and he also gives advice about switching hands, grip pressure, and how to hold your paddle.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • How playing ping pong as a child influenced Rick’s Pickleball game
  • Why Rick and his doubles partner, Scott Moore, did not have incredible success their first year of playing tournaments together
  • Why he quit professional tennis and how Pickleball is now substituting for not having a long tennis career
  • Why Rick admires many of the other professional Pickleball players
  • What he did immediately after winning his mixed doubles medal at the U.S. Open
  • How he is helping to grow junior Pickleball in his local area
  • Why Rick is partnering with Pickleball Rocks and and why that is so important to him
  • Why he switches hands when playing Pickleball and why he teaches some of his students to do the same thing
  • Why you should switch hands but not your grip and using a different grip pressure for different situations on the court

Mentioned in the Show

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Pickleball Rocks

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