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Megan Hall had a health scare on the Pickleball court a few months ago, but now she is on the road to recovery.  She talks about how her health is now influencing her Pickleball game plus the differences in preparation and strategy when playing doubles versus singles.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • The injury Megan suffered in tennis and why it doesn’t bother her in Pickleball
  • How Megan found her Pickleball mixed doubles partner
  • Why Megan wanted to try playing against professional Pickleball players even if she might get beaten badly
  • The significant medical issue Megan suffered while on the Pickleball court and how her recovery is going
  • The difference between a 5.0 Pickleball player and professional player
  • Why the mental game is so important in doubles and how to be successful at it
  • What it takes to play singles in Pickleball both in terms of fitness and drilling
  • The difference in strategy between singles and doubles
  • Megan’s new job and how it relates to Pickleball

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