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Kerry Shannon started Pretty Picklers a couple of years ago and it has grown to over 120 women in the New Jersey area and is now extending to localities throughout the country.  Kerry talks about her mission statement for the group and their service focus along with the activities the Pretty Picklers enjoy.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Kerry ended up with multiple Pickleball courts at her house and who built them
  • What the mission statement is for the Pretty Picklers
  • Who the Pretty Picklers help during their monthly volunteer and fund raising work
  • What Pickleball activities the Pretty Picklers do and the people who help out the group
  • Where the Pretty Picklers travel to for Pickleball tournaments and one of their most important characteristics
  • The professionals who have done clinics or plan to do clinics for the Pretty Picklers
  • Why Kerry started the Pretty Picklers podcast

Mentioned in the Show

Pickleball Forum for Women

Pretty Picklers Facebook page

Pretty Picklers Website

Diva for a Day Foundation

PPR Certification

Pretty Picklers Podcast

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