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The #1 most requested person to have on the Pickleball Fire podcast is CJ Johnson.  She is well known as an expert in not only Pickleball but also health and fitness.  We were able to connect for an episode so listen for some great tips on how to stay healthy and injury free and improve your Pickleball game by getting fitter.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • How CJ’s failed Olympic dream prompted her to become a professional in another sport
  • Why climbing the corporate ladder wasn’t enough and why she needed to change her lifestyle in her late 30’s
  • Why CJ combined her passion for health and fitness and Pickleball when she turned 50
  • What you should do the first five minutes you are on the Pickleball court
  • What you should do if you’ve never played Pickleball before or had a break from the game
  • The problem of having a lay off from a sport and what you can do about it
  • Simple exercises to do to maintain your balance and stability
  • How to improve your dinking game
  • The small habits which can make such a difference in your health and fitness

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