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Have you ever dreamed of taking your RV on the road after you retire and playing Pickleball around the country?  Well, Cindy Macall is living the dream so she shares her experiences about travelling along the west coast in her RV with her husband playing Pickleball in different locations.  She also talks in depth about how to work with cities and home owners associations to get Pickleball courts built and resurfaced.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • What Cindy couldn’t believe the first time she played Pickleball
  • What it’s like to travel around the country in your RV finding places to play Pickleball
  • The best places to play Pickleball in California
  • The two things you should expect when playing Pickleball at new places
  • What you can work on when playing with less experienced players
  • What’s involved in resurfacing courts for a city versus home owners association and the cost for doing this type of work
  • How to play Pickleball in the rain safely
  • How Cindy’s background working for the state of Nevada helps in working out the budgets for building and resurfacing courts

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