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Diadem Sports recently jumped into the Pickleball market after having success producing tennis equipment.  Evan Specht talks about how they plan to use the same blue print in Pickleball where they manufacture paddles in small batches and use 3d cameras in the development of products.  He also discusses what makes their first paddle, the Icon, a great offering for Pickleball players.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Evan isn’t sure he is going to play any more tournaments even though he won the only one he attended
  • How Diadem Sports got into producing tennis rackets and more recently Pickleball paddles
  • Why you may not have heard of Diadem and why the company doesn’t mass produce its products
  • How Diadem uses 3d cameras in the production of its products
  • What the Icon paddle helps you add to your game and future paddle plans
  • Who the new Director of Pickleball is for Diadem Sports

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Diadem Icon Pickleball paddle

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