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I spoke with J Hall, better know as Gizmo, during planting season on his farm.  He is not only growing crops but the lives of young people through Pickleball.  Gizmo also talks about his growing up in the inner city, what he feels his purpose in life is, and why he wears colorful outfits on the court.  This is a must listen to episode as Gizmo’s story is so inspirational.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Gizmo’s experience with high school sports impacted him
  • Why he doesn’t care if he ever wins another medal at a Pickleball tournament
  • Gizmo’s Pickleball farm  and who it benefits
  • What it means to “stay just out of the way” and what he believes his purpose on earth is
  • The role of each animal on the farm, who is named after Gizmo, and which animal is the head greeter
  • How he started wearing such colorful outfits on the court
  • What Gizmo likes to do when he goes to a tournament
  • Why he goes to visit kids at juvenile detention centers

Mentioned in the Show

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