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Shea Underwood isn’t a Pickleball professional yet.  But he is well on his way to achieving his goal after being a football kicker at Georgia Tech University.  We really cover a lot of ground in this interview but I think Shea has a really great perspective on developing a system to play Pickleball when competing at high levels in the sport.  This is really one of my favorite interviews as we talk about Shea’s journey to becoming a professional Pickleball player.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • How other sports skills transfer to Pickleball and the importance of communication
  • What Shea decided to do when he realized he was not going to become a professional football player
  • What an Ernie in Pickleball is and what you need to hit that shot
  • At what level Shea started his Pickleball journey and what is holding him back from being a 5.0 player
  • Why you hit cross court dinks and developing a system when you play
  • Why Shea withdrew from the tournaments he was going to play this summer
  • Shea’s motto for Pickleball and what he hopes to achieve by focusing on it
  • What he does every year on his birthday and his plans for a passive income
  • Shea’s set up for video taping his Pickleball game

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