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Coach Russell runs an absolutely amazing boot camp for Pickleball players in North Carolina.  He brings together eight of the top pros for each camp and in this interview he gives his top three tips from these world class instructors.  We also discuss the difference between a Pickleball camp and actual boot camp.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What Pickleball was like 10 years ago and how it has changed over time
  • The evolution of Coach Russell’s business Suncoast Pickleball
  • How his experience as a college basketball official influenced him to create a Pickleball boot camp
  • How to cover the court and win the point when your partner hits an overhead at their opponents feet
  • Why returning the ball down the middle isn’t the best shot
  • How to hit a more effective drop shot when your opponents are serving deep
  • The difference between a Pickleball camp and Pickleball boot camp
  • The who’s who list of Pickleball professionals who come teach at the boot camp
  • How camp attendees are woken up in the morning and when future camps will be held

Mentioned in the Show

Suncoast Pickleball

Creekside Racquet Club

Engage Ex 6.0

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