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Randy Sussman didn’t take his friend’s advice in regard to starting a Pickleball apparel business.  So, he started PB 1965 and is partnered with well known professional Kyle Yates on the endeavor.  Randy talks about what it takes to manufacturer clothing that helps you to keep cool when playing and the uniqueness of their signature hoodie.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Randy’s unique story about how he started playing Pickleball
  • Why it is challenging to play Pickleball in Miami
  • How he started PB 1965 and which well known pro is his partner in the business
  • What it’s like to build a Pickleball brand and why his friend suggested he shouldn’t go into the apparel business
  • What makes PB 1965’s signature hoodie so special and what new products will be on the website
  • The importance of one material in creating clothing that is cool to wear
  • What Randy has planned for the Atlantic City Convention Center in 2022

Mentioned in the Show

Pickleball Virtual Summit 2021

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