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Don Stanley,  the head referee for the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA), brings his in depth knowledge and humor to the Pickleball Fire podcast in an interview all about rules.  He talks about many of the hot topics in Pickleball such as the chainsaw serve and drop serve.  Don also goes in depth about player disputes, appeals, and the responsibilities of referees.  This is a must listen to episode which is  jam packed with things we should know about as Pickleball players.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Don became a certified Pickleball referee
  • How he was approached by the PPA to become their head referee and his duties in that position
  • Dealing with disputes on the court and examples of situations where he gets called in to handle issues
  • What the differences are between referring professional and amateur matches
  • The most common situations where amateurs will challenge the referee
  • What is the best angle to call illegal serves
  • Why the PPA does not allow the drop serve and why USA Pickleball decided to make it provisional for 2021
  • Which other two things the PPA does not allow related to the serve
  • What are the responsibilities of a referee and how line calls work
  • Player appeals and what it takes for a referee to overturn a call
  • What Don sees professional players doing that amateurs don’t do
  • What players can do to help out the referees during a game or match
  • How to become a certified Pickleball referee

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