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Thomas Shields just started The Dink Pickleball website and newsletter in the Fall of 2020.  But he has experienced rapid growth as he started covering professional tournaments both with live blog coverage and the creation of tournament video highlights.  Thomas is focused on growing the game of Pickleball and is using social media to do it.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Thomas started The Dink Pickleball newsletter and how it has grown to become so much more
  • Which professional tour he has partnered with and the coverage he provides
  • Which professional players write for the Dink Pickleball newsletter and how you can subscribe
  • The other members of The Dink Pickleball team
  • What it is like to cover a professional tournament from a journalism perspective
  • The Dink Pickleball van and what it is being used for now
  • Which major media outlets are reposting some of The Dink Pickleball highlight videos

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The Dink Pickleball Website

The Dink Pickleball Facebook Page

The Dink Pickleball Youtube Channel

The Dink Pickleball on TikTok

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