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Ben Paquette has such an inspiring story when it comes to Pickleball.  He knew the sport was going to change his life and it certainly has as he is now a teaching pro in the Dallas, TX area.  This is a must listen to episode complete with some awesome tips for having intention on the court.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What Ben thought Pickleball was the first time he saw the sport
  • Why after the first time he played the sport he knew the sport was going to change his life
  • What the professional Pickleball players said Ben needed to do after watching his game
  • What he did during the COVID-19 pandemic that helped his game
  • How Ben’s background as a soccer goalie helps him in Pickleball
  • Differences in tournament ratings and game style based on geography
  • What it means to have intention on the court
  • What Ben thinks is the most challenging thing is for people who come to Pickleball without any sports background
  • How he helps players to develop better eye-hand coordination
  • The state of Pickleball in the Dallas, Texas area

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