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Ashley Owens of Court Reserve talks about Pickleball club software and how it can help manage your courts, clinics, and lessons.  She and her husband Tim developed the software which can help organizations from small parks or home owners associations to large facilities.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How surprised Ashley was at the size of a Pickleball tournament compared to tennis tournament
  • What she doesn’t want her husband Tim to know
  • Why Ashley and her husband Tim started Court Reserve
  • The people who have helped develop Court Reserve over the last five years and which sports use the system
  • The types of organizations that use the software and how it can handle just about any club
  • How home owners associations and small parks use Court Reserve
  • What the software offers for large clubs and what it was like transitioning from a system used primarily for tennis to Pickleball
  • How new features are prioritized and how Court Reserve helps to educate other organizations about starting Pickleball programs
  • How the software uses the data collected and makes it easy to report to owners, boards of directors, etc.
  • New features coming out in the future

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