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Jonny Pickleball Andrews is quite the showman on and off the court.  He not only plays professionally but also creates entertaining events such as the Jonny Pickleball Show and Around the Post, a Youtube video series covering controversial topics in the sport of Pickleball.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What an 80-year-old woman taught Jonny the first time he played Pickleball that he shouldn’t be doing
  • The amazing group of players in Naples during 2015 and 2016
  • A fun idea from tennis that Jonny brought to Pickleball and why it was a standing room only event
  • Why he isn’t nervous playing in front of large audiences
  • The unknown players he had on the Jonny Pickleball show who later became very well known in the sport
  • What he did during COVID-19 and what he learned
  • The Around the Post show, who the other hosts of it are, and the controversial topics that cover in Pickleball
  • Why Jonny plans to play so many more tournaments next year and which big ones may be a question mark and why
  • The work he does with Veterans organization and his signature paddle

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Around the Post Show

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